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About ChiliPili

Education is the cornerstone of one's development and plays an immense role in how an individual fares in the world. This is not just confined to learning from book but includes multiple dimensions such as creativity, conceptual understanding, social skills, physical development, aptitudes and much more. We are a research and training company focusing on the field of early-stage education. The Chili Pili team adapts, creates and tests learning methodologies that enable learning which is deeper, holistic and engaging/fun. With these, we set about to train teachers, adults and children to bring about effective learning solutions which aims to revolutionize early education.

ChiliPili Makkala Koota Preschool

The innovative teaching methods developed by our team are employed effectively in our pre-school, Chilipili Makkala Kootta. Situated at HSR layout, Bangalore, this unique pre-school teaches the children in a holistic and natural way. Here we teach the fundamentals of languages, mathematics and a healthy dose of physical activities to encourage your child's development in an accelerated and well-rounded way. Learn more about our preschool and give the best possible foundations for your child for long term success.

ChiliPili Alternate School

The conventional broadcast and dump method followed in schools with large classroom severely hinders the ability to provide wholesome and personalized education to the child. The most appropriate and effective method is to provide very personalized attention to each individual, identifying their strengths and nurturing them at the foundation stage. At Chili PIli, we are trying to create schools wherein a teacher does not see more than 8 children at a time. This along with a very innovative and comprehensive curriculum means we are able to provide a multifaceted and holistic approach to child development.Individual attention given to each student ensures that they grow up to be confident, creative and dynamic while their love for learning is enhanced.

Language Training

Language is considered as the foremost gate of knowledge. learning a new language is not only useful for children but also adults which help them traverse today's highly mobile world effortlessly. A new language enhances life experiences as it opens doors to new culture, people, literature or even something as basic as using a local language when you are far from home. We make learning language a fun and immersive experience. with our unique methodologies, one can learn a new language in as less time as 30 hours. We extensively conduct language training at educational institutes and corporate houses to equip both students and professionals with language skills which are pivotal for their progress in career. We also provide unique language training classes (online+offline) to adults who seek to learn a new language at their spare time.

Montessori at home

Montessori method, despite its advantages, requires a large investment to set up as well as training to guide the child to effectively learn. Chilipili aims to overcome this disadvantage and bring the Montessori to your home so that the child can engage in learning activities without the constraint of going to a different location whenever they feel like learning. Our cost effective materials and online training modules will help you be the super parent who can be the teacher, guide and facilitator of learning for your child. Chilipili Montessori at home ensures that your child does not miss out on an opportunity to learn even when they are at home, making learning a spontaneous and continuous process.

ChiliPili Phonics

"Phonics is a sound based method to teach reading and writing. The principle used is that the sounds made by letters in a
word combine in particular ways to generate the sound the word makes.
Chilli pilli phonics is an innovative new phonics approach Wherein one learns to read and write multiple languages at the
same time. It emphasizes on building phonetic understanding through pure sounds sans any graphical representation
(letters) of any language.This way, a strong foundation in phonetics is built, after which the sounds are mapped to the
language being taught. The results of this methodology are proved to be exponentially effective compared to other phonics methods.
learn more about Chilipili Phonics here. "

Teacher's Training

It is our firm belief that the best of teachers inspire the best out of students. in line with this philosophy, we ensure that teachers are trained well to be nurturing, emphatic and provide the best of care for their students. We extensively train all the teachers on the fner points of being a mentor to the students, identifying and boosting their learning and creative potential.

Our Store

Visit our store to explore the best of education materials attuned to our methodologies. We offer children's books, learning materials, educational toys and a variety of learning aids including 'Chili Pili Montessori at Home', for early education through our store.Our unique set of materials will provide parents, teachers and schools with ample opportunities to teach children and enhance their love for learning through the most positive,fun and nurturing learning experiences.

Online Courses

We offer a plethora of online courses on early stage education,language training as well as professional training. Parents of children in the age group 3-8 will find the best instruction based lessons on how to teach their child. In the times where online education is fast becoming the norm, ensure that your child is not missing out on their early education and developmental milestones. We also offer courses for teachers, professionals and interested individuals on language training, pedagogy training and phonics based language development. explore our bouquet of courses tailormade for your specific needs. The advanced Learning Management System will let you create your account, sign up for courses,access lessons, take quizzes, download course materials, interact with trainers and teachers and learn in an immersive environment.

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Vision Of ChiliPili

In order that we give the best of education, it helps to spend a little bit of time educating ourselves about education. That way, we understand what could be a good education and what is the best we can do for our children.

About ChiliPili Phonics

In this freewheeling discussion, Shraddha and Suhas discuss on learning to read and write in early education – what was done in the past, what has changed today and how children can learn multiple languages very quickly with Chili Pili Phonics

Introduction to Lesson Modules

These videos are for those who are using our lesson modules. It discusses the careabouts and gives guidelines on its usage.