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Why Teachers training is Important

It is no secret that the teacher plays a crucial role in crafting a child’s future. Along with the parents, the aptitude for learning is cultivated by the attitude of the teacher. Inculcating this love for learning at an early stage is vital to ensure that the child will have a lifelong yearning to learn and excel in life. At Chili Pili, not only are teachers trained to be experts at the subject, but also teaching methodologies, soft skills, planning and assessing so as to be able to tailor teaching to each and every child. We at Chili Pili Teachers Training Program ensure that every teacher comes out not only with very good subject knowledge, but also as an inspirational individual with broad skills to be the guiding light to future generations.

How we do it


In addition to the requirements of an NTT training course, we train the teachers in multiple other aspects as well – such as use of computers, researching trends and materials, Other pedagogies, hands on experience, bushiness aspects, dealing with parents, as well as how to incorporate innovation and creativity in teaching. We also train them in our unique methodologies, including Chili Pili phonics and our Mathematics program. Teachers are absorbed into Chili Pili schools, language training and other programs as well as for other outside schools and environments.


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