Parents Speak


Rakesh Sharma

I am Rakesh , I have come from Varanasi and my one year experience here has been very good. My son who was studying UKG, who was barely learning ABC, after the phonics course has been reading newspapers. As we are from North India and Kannada is a new language for us within one year my son has been able to read Kannada sentences and is able to converse in it . The Phonics language program here is extremely good and effective.

Anand Krishnamurthi

We are Achu's parents , He is really happy to come to school and we are luckly to have found Chili Pili Preschool.All the teachers and the staff are very amazing , however we are sad that this was not there for our elder son who is 12 now. We wished ot was there then so that he could get this kind of education and develop interest. Good Job !!!

Anil Kumar

This is Anil Kumar, Neha's father. I am really happy with the outcomes that my child has learnt today. I see a lot of changes and improvements in her. I am happy that she is not by hearting the subjects , she is also understanding the concepts and is able to apply it practically. It is very good i prefer Chili Pili for developing these skill for our kids.

Parents of Bhadra

Chidren enjoy the side parallel bars. They enjoy a game of trying to catch each other. This intrinsically develops not only hand strength but also helps to keep them very alert.

Deepak & Nitya

It has been more than 2 years since my daughter joined here . We were looking for a place where she does not see the stress of learning and she learns naturally. She is very comfortable and very happy here. Everyday, she comes back home and tells us stories about the school which are really enjoyable.. The compassion the teachers show towards the children is really amazing. Whether it is learning Maths, logical reasoning, discipline or character development ... I see that the basics are getting done right

Krishna & Vidya

In Chili Pili my daughter is not only learning well , she is very bold and very confident. For us this was very important. She is not afraid of anything and very happy that she is also getting quality education here. We are very happy here and we love the school very much.


I am Vihaan's father, I was not looking for a mundane school where the child goes in the morning sits and comes back. I got to know from my friend about this school and i saw that the way teaching is done here is way different from any other schools. I saw a lot of changes in my son. He not only speaks multiple languages but he has become more creative in many things and certainly more interactive. He has become very social and is very comfortable where ever i take him. I am very happy to be in Chili Pili.


Hi I am Kanishka's mother , i am very happpy with Chili Pili as everything is taken care of her here only. We dont have to do anything extra from ourside. She likes to go to schoool and learn. She is very comfortable with everybosy in school and makes friends very eaily


Hi I am Shiji , Chili Pili School is very natural and very homely, the best of al is that my child is happy and enjoying here, i can gaurantee it 100 % The bonding between teachers and my child is very nice.


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