Guidelines for Parents


To do the best for your child, this is the thumb rules that we are looking for (not just for our school children – but for all children.

1. Good habits: Eat the right food at the right time, sleep early. Play .. or do any physical activity daily.

These are the fundamentals which have to be got right every time.

2. Zero Media: Absolutely zero media of any form till the age of six [Keep 0 till 6, Max at 6 !] Zero media till age 6 and then max at 6 hours per week.

Media is a sure NO NO. It affects the child’s persistence, decreases the attention span, lowers the ability to concentrate and lessens their interest in the topics

3. Do NOT switch to English at home.

Multilingual kids are known to be smarter, better socially, more versatile and after all what better way to connect to one’s family and culture. The child’s mother tongue is a precious thing – don’t allow him or her to lose it ..

4. A lot of exposure .. naturally: friends, relatives, shopping, office, parks & playgrounds, festivals.

This exposure results in an all round development which is more important in the long run than pure academics.

5. Unstructured free play: Learning happens.

Children are at their creative best when they are left to themselves. Unstructured play develops their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language, vocal development and teamwork abilities. Play is nature’s development plan. why not just let nature do her job.

..see our blogs for more insight into these

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