Celebrations at Chili Pili

All festivals are celebrated in Chili Pili with the same resilience and colour. Various activites are organised as per the festival for example during Krishna Jamnashtami there would be fancy dress event for children and handi (mud pot) breaking, children are encouraged to let their creativity flow by making their own flower rangoli called the pookalam during Onam festival. They sing and dance during these events and love the variety that our diverse culture has to offer.Every festival is unique in its way and at Chili Pili we try to tell the story associated with each festival connecting us back to our roots.

Many festivals are celebrated like Ganesha Chaturthi during August or september, Chrishmas in december, Sankranti in January , Shivaratri in feb , Holi in march and many more festivals. So children come traditionally dressed and enjoy the uniqueness of each festival all through the year. There will be a sweet made of peanut and jaggery called chikki distributed at each festival. Children look forward to these festivals as they have diversity in their celebrations.


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