Chili Pili Makkala Koota


Management Team

Suhas Kulhalli

Suhas has been the key founder of Chili Pili – Preschool. He is also the founder of ChiliPili Phonics which is the key for making learning language conceptual instead of mundane rout learning. Here is his story. He did his early education in Pune and eventually got a merit seat in Govt Engineering College Pune which culminated with a university rank at the time of graduation. After having topped GATE he got into Indian Institute of Science ( IISC ) Bangalore from where he started his career as electronics design engineer in the semiconductor industry with his first job in Texas Instruments, a niche technical job. He being an hard worker and a perfectionanist drowned himself in it for 7 yrs, moving up the technical ladder, many ideas and 6 US patents to his credit and few paper in leading international conferences as well. From here he moved to a more engineer- manager kind of role, starting VLSI teams for multiple companies, and this time rising up the management ladder up to a Director role in an MNC. His last company where he worked full time was Broadcom. At that time, he moved out because he wanted to do something he believed in, and not just for money’s sake. His other interest is yoga, health and spirituality. He started yoga early, not really out of choice :-) but now understand and enjoys it. He was facinated with football in highschool but did not pursue it. He almost got selected to college football team. He stil does consultancies in his engineering profession.

Kavitha Kirumakki

Kavitha has also been a founding member behind the Chili Pili – Preschool. She has also been driving force behind the Montessori @ Home concept - bringing the hands on montessori type materials to the children’s home. She being a Bangalorite has been very much interested in craft and art every since childhood. She was trained in Bharathnatyam since a young age of 3 yrs and after 11 long hours of training and doing shows, her parents stopped it thinking that it affected her studies however she did very well by securing a rank in her 10th board exams. She became an electronics enginer from BIT. After her campus recruitment she ended in an MNC company ( Fidelity, Visa ) as well as Wipro CSC etc and the story continued giving her oppurtunities to work in different onsite as well as offshore assignments. After a good corporate career she took a break to spend time to be with her family as she always wanted to do something different in the creative segment. She was not at all happy to see the current style of teaching in the current education system. So to gain experience in it she worked as a teacher at Prakriya Green Wisdom school for an year. After which there was no looking back as she wanted to bring in the change in the education style to make it more practical and application based rather than rout learning which resulted in the creation of Chili Pili Makkala Koota – the Preschool where we encourage the organic way of learning where the child enjoys rather than being forced.


Opening Hours:

Day Care:

8:30a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday


8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday

Alternate Saturday (1st and 3rd)

8:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m.