Developing Excellence Naturally

Let children be, after all we are here to be free

Preschooling the way nature intended

Well rounded education for well grounded children

Learn to play, play to learn

Our children should know our languages and know them well.

Welcome to Chili Pili

We are a vibrant, multilingual, nature-loving school and children enjoy it thoroughly. They are active and happy. We always felt that having a liberal, friendly atmosphere should make them more interested in academics subjects, not less. We at Chili Pili believes that having free play would sharpen their minds and learning would be better, not worse.

A Day in ChiliPili

Typically a day at Chilipili starts at 8.30 am and ends at 12.30pm. There are may activities like daily sports, mandatory free play sessions and academic classes. All activities here are helping the children move towards applied learning concepts and empowering the children to develop self drive.

Developmental Outcomes

We have a holistic approach for the development of the child. Here at Chilipili children develop good physical strengths by playing games and sports as well as develop other skills like singing, public speaking , art and craft skills apart from building strong aptitute in maths via montessori methods and learn multiple languages through our unique Phonics program.

Parents Speak

Parents are very happy to see their children grow in a holistic environment and wish Chili Pili existed before so that they could send their elder siblings also here.

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Our Methods



We genuinely mean it. Whether it is a daily dose of sports, dance and drama, music, clay, arts …or free play, we want children to be exposed to multiple aspects when young and grow multi-dimensionally. We want children to be active, healthy, confident, capable and naughty too.


Montessori ++

While we like the underlying principles of Montessori, such as “follow the child”, self-paced learning and allow the child to explore and complete their work cycle, we do not restrict ourselves to the official Montessori materials or even sequences.


Engage rather than Teach

We value conceptual learning over information overload. Our way is to be friendly and interest the child, rather than look down and “teach”. Let the concept evolve/develop in the child rather than “explain” it to her.



As mentioned elsewhere, we feel our multilingual culture is one of the best advantages India has, which unfortunately this generation is loosing. Not only do we teach the local language from day one, but we reach out and explain to children in their own language, wherever required.

For Our innovative and highly effective phonics methodology,

Visit our Phonics website

Our Facilities


Beautiful green campus with an expansive outdoor play area. Lush green views from every classroom.


We take extreme care that there are no serious injuries by having padded staircases, foam at corners, ensuring no sharp edges, compulsory fire & first aid trainings and padding in play areas.

Small Class Size

To ensure personal interaction and individual attention we ensure that during a class a teacher does not see more than 8 students. We have a number of classrooms to facilitiate this.

Day Care

A full fledged Montessori Setup, A toy room, A mini library, Sand pit area, Hand wash areas distributed across the building and play areas are some of the enablers for a child's enjoyable school experience.


Our supportive and friendly staff ensure children can relax after school and enjoy the multiple activities and play areas at our infrastructure.


We offer to and fro transport within the layout with a GPS enabled school van.


Our Activities


Activity Description

Exposure to folk music from all across India, & also a variety of musical instruments used from the long past to the present. Sholka and Bhajans as well

Age: 3+

When: Every Friday


Activity Description

We keep it light and not too technical, as a form of self expression and enjoyment. Exposure to free style, various folk and occassionly elements of classical dance.

Age: 3+

When: During Festivals and Other Events

Free Play

Activity Description

Unstructured free play: Learning happens Children are at their creative best when they are left to themselves.... not to mention their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, vocal development, language, teamwork ... play is nature’s development plan... why not just let nature do her job.

Age: 2+

When: Daily 40 mins

Arts & Crafts

Activity Description

Exposure to a good variety of arts and crafts forms. Some of them are Bud paining, leaf painting, hand painting, finger paiting, vegetable paining, fork painting. Crafts such as Origami, Quilling, Mud Clay, Paper craft .. Craft with materials such as Pom Pom, Pipecleaner craft

Age: 3+

When: At least twice a week

Public Speaking

Activity Description

We give opportunities for public speaking during events to remove stage fear and build confidence.

Age: 3+

When: Once every two weeks


Activity Description

Every year, the children participate in 3 public events, Sports Day, Annual Day and Karnataka Rajyotsava at the local RWA

Age: 3+

When: Each once a year


Activity Description

All festivals are celebrated in the traditional way. Children get to do the activities themselves, such as Pookolam (flower arrangement) for Onam or a clay Ganesha for Ganesha Chaturthi

Age: 3+

When: At least twice a week

Role Plays

Activity Description

Lot of opportunites are given to children depending on the topics running in that week. This gives a more active and immersive learning experience

Age: 3+

When: Once a week during class

The Eats

Activity Description

Snack break for all @ 9:40 Lunch for Day care and elder children @ 12:30

Age: All

When: Daily of course 😀


Our Teachers

Chili Pili in Media


Opening Hours:

Day Care:

8:30a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday


8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday

Alternate Saturday (1st and 3rd)

8:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m.