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Advantages of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language opens up new vistas, expands the mind, improves social life, builds perspective and breath, enriches the cultural experiences, improves brain functioning and reduces brain related illnesses, builds confidence, helps you meet new people

Individual Training

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to live and settle in places different from where they were born and brought up. In a muticultural place like india, this involves dealing with local language and culture in most cases. Learning a new language often proves to be a challenge as available methods of learning a new language are often cumbersome. Chilipili New Language training offers the fastest and effective way of picking up a new language at the shortest time possible. Our unique online courses helps in learning the basics of the language, equipping one to read, speak and write a new language with ease in as less as 30 hours. Learn more about our course and enroll into the one most fitting your needs.

Institutional Training

Chilipili runs a very successful New Language Training module for Educational Institutes and Corporate Houses. This accelerated language course proves to be useful for both professionals as well as students who find themselves in a new city. Our training sessions are conducted at convenient hours and equips the students with basic language skills to navigate their new environment with ease. Professionals like Sales Managers, Civil Service Employees, Business Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs have found this to be an extremely effective tool to make their interactions with the locals more effective and endearing. If you are an educational institute or Corporate house looking out to train your students/employees in a new language within a short period, consider your journey has ended as Chilipili’s concise and compact training will equip them with the required skills quicly and effectively.

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The course was fun and interactive. I thoroughly enjoyed it


I teach in a government school on  a voluntary basis. Lack of knowledge of Kannada was really hindering my communication with the children. I feel confident after this short time here.