SaP Schools (Small And Personal Schools)


Relevance of SaP Schools

The conventional notions of schooling are based on delivering a standardized curriculum for a large group of students. However, it ignores the fact that every child is unique and has their preferred way of learning. Paying attention to the child at an individual level enhances their learning capabilities and helps them move forward with greater understanding and self-confidence. This is one reason concepts like homeschooling are gaining traction across the world. However, a child’s development is not confined only to learning concepts but also involves many other factors such as socialization, teamwork, interactions, etc. Chili Pili schooling pays keen attention to all the factors which are crucial for the holistic development of a child, making it a unique and effective early education system.


Chili Pili SaPS are an elegant and effective system designed to remove the many shortcomings of education systems prevalent today. Here the teacher knows the learning need of every child at a personal level and guides them individually. The curriculum and teaching methodologies cater to every facet of a child’s growth. At Chili Pili, we follow our core values of holistic development so that they grow to be successful throughout their life. Besides paying special attention to academic excellence, teamwork, conceptual understanding and insight we nurture their creativity, self-drive and self-expression. Children love coming to Chili Pili SaPS and they find learning effortless.


Key Features


Personalized Teaching


Conceptual Learning


Aptitude Developement


Multi Facetated Curriculum


Collaborative Learning Environment


Life Skill Developement

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