Welcome to Chili Pili

We are a group of motivated individuals who are passionate about bettering the lives of children of today through innovative educational practices. We find the schooling woefully inadequate to meet the needs of the coming generation. We aim to make education fun and about building intelligence, going beyond the conventional form of dumping information.


The Background

We are primarily a research and training company focusing on the field of early-stage education. Our team of experts has created and tested learning methodologies that enable a child to absorb concepts and learn faster. We offer online courses for parents on these methodologies which will help them teach their child the basics of language and maths through simple steps making the entire learning process immersive and fun for both parent and child.

We understand that learning is not about what you teach, or how much you teach but it is about how you teach. How you teach makes all the difference in the quality of learning of a child. How you teach is not just about standardized methodology like CBSE or ICSE, nor is it about non-conventional methods like Montessori or Waldorf or Multiple Intelligence or Learning Apps. How you teach – very simply is about the teacher and how they interact with the learner, engaging their mind and attention. We work on a continuous basis with our teachers, giving them the knowledge, tools, materials, and processes to help them become more capable teachers and better human beings, which in turn will help our children become better human beings and more capable individuals. Our principles are straightforward, the child learns holistically, develops all round into a better human being while being as involved and self-driven in the process as possible.

Our Vision:

To develop methodologies, teachers and material in early education, such that every person touched by our methods across the world gets the best all-round developmental improvement possible, ultimately flowering into adults fulfilling their highest potential.

Our Mission:

Founding Members

Suhas Kulhalli


An inventor and entrepreneur, Suhas holds 6 US patents besides having multiple international publications. Having done his Masters from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, he also holds the distinction for leading the first India-based team to design and develop industry leading low power semiconductor circuits, which he presented at ISSCC, the world's number one conference to showcase breakthrough innovations in semiconductors. After a long and fruitful career in the Semiconductor industry, Suhas turned towards early stage education. He founded Chili Pili preschools and invented the Chili Pili Phonics system with which children learn multiple languages simultaneously. Work Exp: MGTS (Texas Instruments), Analog Manager (Insilica Semi), Director (SiRF Tech), Sr Manager (Broadcom Semi), VP Engineering (Siliconch Systems).

Arun RS


Being zealous about entrepreneurship, Arun has worked across industries including real estate, logistics, entertainment and has been actively involved with start-ups since 2014. An alumni of Indian Institute of Management-Indore (IIM-I), he is obsessed with the idea of “there is always a better way”. He is passionate about world changing ideas and ways to implement them in the real world. Work Exp: Young Leader:Brand Management (Bharti Realty Ltd.), Co-Founder (Yantrams Enterprises), Head-Marketing (Pikkol), Strategy Consultant -various start-ups.

Deepak Nambiar


Deepak is an effective Leadership development specialist. He has over 15 years of experience in talent enhancement, training and organizational development. He has demonstrated proven ability to lead organization effectiveness programs and manage multi- functional teams. Work Exp: Sr. Operations Manager (Convergys India services) Management Consultant (AdStock Global, Sunny International, Sri Dharmasthala, Manjunatha Trust, Worcraft Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd, ArchstudioV Associates, Magnum Networks and many others)